DRESSES [L-R] A.W.A.K.E | People Tree | Suno | Kowtow II
SHIRTS [L-R] People Tree | Bibico A.W.A.K.E | Svilu

So pinstripe shirts are back...Well, they never went anywhere; we're just paying them a little more attention now, as we rightfully should.

I love a classic cotton shirt. Plain. Striped. Checked. Fitted. Loose. Mine. His! What's not to love? With London experiencing a much welcomed heatwave, taking cues from the office with the iconic cotton shirt just seems inevitable--I mean, this is a nation that occupies every square inch of outdoor space once the sun is out (despite any chills in the air) and will sit on a pigeon-pooed bench at lunch just to be that much more connected to the sun.

When I started making this list, I had every striped shirt & dress I could find. Then I went into my closet and found that two of my seven shirts were striped, and that one of three of the ethical shirts on my to-buy list was a striped shirt. Surely, despite the trend of striped shirts that dominated July, all types of shirts should make the cut. I mean who only has striped shirts? I certainly don't. Hence, I have put together my favourite shirts and shirt inspired pieces from some of my favourite conscious brands, which I find appropriate for the season.

Which one is your favourite?

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