1. CONSCIENCE (noun)  The complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.
2. COLLECTIVE (adjective) A group of entities that share or are motivated by a common issue or interest  


Born & raised in Guyana, studied in the US and Scotland, and now living between Washington DC & London, Stacy Hope is one of the founders of the Conscience Collective, which she started with her best good friend, Emma H. (who is now a busy bee managing two businesses in Trinidad & Tobago). After conducting a two-year PhD field study in the Amazon, and later on working within Mining and International Development, her interactions with indigenous peoples across Latin America, Africa & Asia opened her eyes to the disparities faced by some of the worlds poorest and most vulnerable. In working with these peoples, it was obvious that part of building their resilience came in humanity's own change in lifestyle--i.e. in order for the poorest to move out of poverty the rest of the world had to step up in how we lived. It just so happened that Emma H. was also having the same conversations, and after many a days and nights debating and musing over conscious living, and sustainability (years and years of discussions guys) we decided that it only be fitting that we continued these discussions via a blog.

The blog started in 2012 with Emma H and I sharing interesting posts on fashion, food, politics, design, beauty, health and design, of which you still have access to. Now, it has transformed into a personal blog as I navigate through what it means to live "ethically"--a term that has so much weight to it--as a fashion enthusiast, epicurean, explorer, anthropologist and now Mummy of a Polpettino (what I call my son).

To provide a body of information to help simplify ethical choices 
To make ethical living appear simple, fun, cool and fulfilling
To grow a collective of people interested in a more thoughtful and considered lifestyle
To spark debate and discussion with a focus on our approach to fashion, food, health and beauty, home, and design all through the lens of sustainable development.
To bridge a gap between theory and practice, to provide useful information about developments in the area of sustainability as it relates to fashion, food, health and beauty, home, and design