It smells different here. Tea tastes different.
Not necessarily better. Just different.

This is my second time in Ireland, but the first time I actually get to explore. The last time I was here, I was being shuttled between my hotel in Dublin and the University in Maynooth where I had co-chaired a panel for the European Association of Social Anthropologists. This time, I wanted to enjoy my time here, and savour every moment I had. This meant everything would be done with beauty and enjoyment. 
On this day, the weather was holding up, and if you live in the UK or Ireland you would understand the need to enjoy every dry day you get. As a result, I decided to take my breakfast in the garden of our friend's family's summer house (we were so graciously given the keys to their terraced house), which boasted an immaculately manicured oasis filled with anemone, fuchsia and antirrhinum. 
I had, in a rush, thrown my Privatsachen dress, which is meant to be wrinkled, but thanks to my mother it was ironed at some point, into my suitcase before leaving London with very little expectations of getting the weather this dress needed to be of any sound use. Imagine my elation when I was taking the dress out knowing that it would be worn outside the house. 
In this post I paired my dress with two silver Alex+Ani Charm Bangles, a pair of Brazilian made sandals I bought in Boa Vista, Brazil back in 2005 and stud earrings made by my little sister.


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It must be said that this dress, in its minimalism, exudes luxury, quality and method--in method I refer to the fact that one cannot help but consider the process by which the dress was made. As it lightly touches my skin I often had to check as to whether I was actually clothed, and this led me to evaluate what it means to have clothes that represent sustainability.
Privatsachen is a brand that prides itself in transparency, ecologically sound creation and dying methods and working with the hand. After 30 years, they have mastered the art of textile manipulation, which is demonstrated in their crushed silks and cottons. In order to do so, they had to push forth an ethos of deceleration--the antithesis of mainstream fashion--which is what fashion should get back to. I guess that's why when I wear this garment, I just want to savour every moment, pay closer attention to my surroundings, and enjoy that I am in that dress, in this place, with these people whom I love.

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  1. Woman got style....

  2. Excellent, and the in-laws loved it too. So glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Everything is soooooooo beautiful. Keep up the good work.