For exactly half of my life, Summer meant Summer and everything else was foreign. Heat, humidity and sunshine were a constant, and then I migrated: first to the US and then to the UK (Edinburgh, Scotland, then London). Now that I live in London, Summer means sunshine between the precipitation, to which I have become accustomed. However, when I visit my parents in the US or travel to the Caribbean, my childhood Summer tends to be met with the undeniable reality that I have now become de-acclimated.
When my friend, Hardeep, came to visit me in the US in May we both ended up having to readjust from the coolness of London to the sweltering heat of Maryland & DC. We sought refuge in museums, galleries, and anywhere that could offer us yummy libations. On this day, H, as we call her, was dressed in ethical goodness, in this People Tree dress. Coupled with one of the Nigerian woven fans made from recycled plastic, her look was not only felicitous, but appropriate for one of the many wonderful spots we chose to wet our whistles.  

As we ended up in Rosa Mexicana, one of the better Mexican chain restaurants, I couldn't help but take photos of H in her floral tea dress. I hope you are as inspired by the images as I was and am. Next time you head out in your favourite latin inspired tea dress why not pair it with some of your favourite bangles. Be bold with Gold and celebrate the vibrancy of a Mexican inspired outfit. Add pops of colour like turquoise or fuchsia if you so dare and have fun with it, as we clearly did.

Indiana Mexicana


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