SEASONAL | The Conscience Collective Christmas Gift Guide 2016


I hope you enjoy this Ethical Gift Guide I have just finished. Unlike the previous gift guide, I had no professional help (Stephanie R. I missed your talent) nor did I have my partner-in-crime, Emma H. to help. However, after a week of 5-6am shifts, I finally managed to put together something I am proud to share with you.

The Conscious Gifts Guide is merely a small representation of the many brands that are offering aesthetically pleasing products with ethically pleasing impacts. I cannot express how many more pages I wanted to create, with how many more brands, but I knew I had to stop at some point, so this is what I created. It did highlight one thing, that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to brands that offer us products The Collective can be proud to feature.

This year, The Gift Guide also comes with special promotions from some of the most beautiful brands, which will make your shopping experience (and mine) all the more pleasing to the heart and to the pocket. Particularly, I would like to thank BLUMA PROJECT, FAIR HARBOR CLOTHING, FOSTERIE, P.i.C. STYLE, STARFISH PROJECT and TIKLARI for setting up special Conscience Collective discounts for readers.

As we did in our last Christmas Guide, this year FAIRE COLLECTION will be giving away a few goodies in our second Christmas Giveaway, so please enter tomorrow, when the giveaway officially starts.

Please feel free to comment below on other brands you would like to see in the future, or for any critiques, advice or well-wishes you may have. Also, keep an eye out for more Gift Guides and posts on Brands on the blog starting from tomorrow.

Season's Greetings!
Stacy H

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