STYLE | La Vie en Rose...Valentino


I'm not a big fan of pink to be honest. I rarely wear the colour, with the exception of my pink Balenciaga heels which I could easily live in. However, as I was rearranging my closet (as you can tell I didn't get far as I get easily distracted), I found this vintage silk satin Valentino skirt preserved with the matching top in plastic way at the back, and hidden from the light. As I pulled the skirt out, I decided to mix with different shades of pink, to somewhat force me to be a bit more creative with the skirt, and came up with this combination.

I like mixing my conscious pieces with the ones I already owned that might not be so conscious. It is a great compromise between your regular highstreet stores and boutiques that carry ethical clothing and accessories. For example, this top was bought back in 2007 in Miami and the Balenciaga's were too big for its previous owner, so I bought them second-hand, but brand new (my gain).

All Photos by Kenrick Stevenson

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  1. I really struggle with wearing light pink but love the way you have combined this with a darker shade.

  2. I really love your blog! Good job :-)

  3. Love your style!!!