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checks & balances
AW'13 Collections by Suno; Celine, Emilia Winstead, Stella McCartney | Photos by GoRunway
As its the new year, I can't help but reflect on various aspects of my life, do a bit of housecleaning, and go through the checks and balances. From moving my consultancy firm forward, investments, and of course the blog to getting a Great Dane and what to wear, there are many things that have shaped 2013 and will mold my 2014. 
Today I caught up on my Vogues (I was five months behind). August 2013 was where I started, and ended up fixated on Freja Beha Erichsen's cover feature. Cloaked in Celine's woven laundry-bag check print, I was reminded of how amazing checks are. Having lived in Scotland for years, checks had become special (magical), even finding a tartan that matched my my mother's family's name (they are Armstrongs). From history to culture, checks that looked like the bags sturdy African mothers would transport material culture or a story of a family's lineage all led Autumn/Winter's catwalks. Bold or Subtle, designers like Marc Jacobs, Celine Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Suna, Emilia Wickstead and Tommy Hilfiger turned to checks for inspiration, and I've noticed.
Thankfully, some of our favourite brands have catered to this trend (way before it returned to the runway) with lovely check pieces that already have me compiling a new wish list, that I am sure will not make Mr P pleased...

checks & balances ii
1. CHINTI & PARKER Polka Square Sweater, £294 | 2. SHEPHERD ENGLAND Handmade Tweed Check Scarf, £140.40  | 3. KELLY WEARSTLER Vaso Cuff, $237 | 4. FAIR+TRUE Sustainable Check Trousers, £63.75 | 5. ADELE DEJAK Red & Green Masai Clutch, $115 | 6. FAIR+TRUE Fairtrade V Skater Dress, £59.99 | 7. ACE&JIG Bomber Jacket, $235 | 8. IVANA HELSINSKI Janice Knitted Dress, $490 | 9. EDUN Check Print Roll Neck Top £176.13 | 10. FAIR+TRUE Fairtrade Gingham Bustier, £56.25 | 11. A PEACE TREATY Ghat Earrings, $132 | 12. MARY MEYER Crazy Jacket, $266

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  1. Really love checks! the Ivana Helsinki dress is great.

  2. I'm a stripe girl (sometimes a polka dot girl), but I'm definitely getting excited about the checks...

    1. Not to mention the nostalgia it brings