FASHION | S A Y A DESIGNS // The Passionate Pursuit of Ethical Hairpins


 Being environmentally friendly is fashionable in itself. 
We want to be turning heads for all the right reasons 
– Victoria Jones, founder of S A Y A Designs.
Have you ever noticed that I have never posted about hair accessories of any kind. It is no coincidence. When I post about issues and objects they must represent something personal to me, and I have yet to find a hair accessory that conjures up such sentiments. Until now.
When the founder, Victoria Jones, from S A Y A Designs contacted me about her handcrafted hairpins created from roots salvaged from old plantations I was very much intrigued, and when I saw what they looked like, I was even more so. I have natural hair, which requires hair accessories that do not get tangled and knotted into my coiffure, and the only accessories I have ever found to be of any use are bobby pins (the metal, Made in China kind).

A far cry from my bobby pins, these hairpins are very much remnants of long lost traditions of the first hair accessories, as hair sticks have been used for thousands of years. During the Ming Dynasty, hairpins were considered a symbol of thought and culture, and it is hard not to assume that the same could be said of these adornments. To buy into them, we have to buy into several ethical concepts and beliefs that these accessories present.
For one, S A Y A is based on the belief that entrepreneurialism and commerce can keep traditional methods alive and drive positive action. Each classic design is enforcing a 100% reusable and biodegradable option to all the current plastic and elastic disposable hair accessories. The S A Y A business model is formulated to support a sustainable supply chain while splitting profits with those positively impacting our natural environment, at the same spreading an important ethical message. S A Y A will be working with partner organisation, Gaia, who work not only to plant their seeds, but to educate farmers and communities in supporting their ecosystems across pilot sites in Indonesia.

The beauty lies in their form and function. S A Y A is bringing back this original hair tool with timeless designs for the modern aesthete – who cares as much about the story of the products they wear, as they do of how good it looks. Through their designs, products, and marketing, it is S A Y A’s hope to inspire others to learn more and get involved with environmental and wildlife conservation - bringing beauty into people’s lives through unique designs and traditional handmade crafts that have stories to tell. This is the first step on their mission and there is plenty more to come.

S A Y A has decided to launch via Kickstarter to create a community of customers and backers who are as excited by the process as they are by the final product. S A Y A is offering exclusive deals to Kickstarter backers such as early bird limited edition specials and bundle rewards with the ultimate reward of an international sourcing and research trip to Indonesia. Visit the link here to access their campaign.  
S A Y A is calling on courageous individuals to demonstrate their beliefs and take part in actively making a difference. The time for change-making is now and S A Y A can’t wait for you start this journey with them. If you are curious about whats next and the future of S A Y A Designs, contact them here:

Stay tuned for an interview with Founder Victoria Jones.

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