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Ashma John of The Online Runway modeling one of our 9.2.5 Outfits
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Em and I have been extremely busy working on the new blog, which we hope to have up and running by the end of the month, as well as several independent ventures coupled with our busy work schedules. One of our independent ventures is a 100% Made in Guyana capsule collection, which I thought I would share with you as we keep working away to bring back the Conscience Collective.

A few months back, my friend Ashma--a Caribbean fashion blogger from Guyana--and I engaged in a three hour conversation--she in Guyana and me in London--on how to stimulate the local Guyana fashion market.  For the most part, Guyanese fashion can come across as more whimsical conceptual fashion with nods to local techniques such as tie-dye, batik, and hand-painted designs of African and Indigenous origins rather than wearable fashion that can transcend occasions and time. In doing this, most consumers are isolated from the industry as these designs are not in keeping with what locals actually want and/or need. 

Having worked with local seamstresses in Guyana since returning to the country, Ashma has tapped into talent that many have neglected. As a result, she has used her blog as a tool to promote such local talent, especially when it comes to clothing for the Working Woman.


Why not make a small capsule collection for the woman working 9-5 using some of the most common local and affordable fabrics, with some classic and modern cuts?
The idea was simple and necessary. We would only use local and affordable fabrics commonly used for government and school uniforms, simple yet modern and chic silhouettes, and one of the best, yet least known, seamstresses we could find to present quality clothing for the masses.

The collection, we decided, would be called "9.2.5," consisting of five outfits representing five different work personalities. It will be launched at the end of January with an online lookbook and details on how to order. As a treat for the New Year, we have revealed the first outfit, which we named The Kept Boss. 

For the original post announcing the 9.2.5. Collection and for a description  of the outfit in this post please visit The Online Runway.

PHOTOS by Jay Carter

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the others.

    1. Looking forward to sharing the others Ashlee.