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Putting together all the components of the Italian Invitations
Last year the number of Save the Dates and Invitations I received, which ultimately ended up in the recycling bin, were overwhelming. It made me think, sheessshh how will I manage to pull off three Save the Dates and Invitations in a cost-effective and ethical manner? I actually had no idea, until August of last year when our friend and Visuals Director, Emma J. showed us a music video she did for one of her clients. Amazing!!The light bulbs went off: Hey, can you do a Save the Date video for us? 
So, with her fancy camera, and us in tow, we roamed around London (mostly Borough Market, one of our fav places, and by the River Thames) and shot our official Save-the-Date within an hour. This was easy to do, and although I cannot share this video all you have to do is go on YouTube and you'll see the many clever ways people have used video as their official Save-the-Date. Of course it is cost effective if you have a friend who is skilled enough to do this.

For our invitations to all three locations, we decided to make (YES, MAKE) our own, with some help of course. For the Italian invitations, I sourced a green printer for the actual invitation, and then used to make our supplementary insert (basically postcards on recycled paper). These came up to 20 of each component. As the Fiance's aunt makes all of our greeting cards, she handmade the UK invitations on recycled paper. For the US, I decided on electronic invites from which were very effective as most of the people attending the US event lived outside of the state and the country. 
There are so many options for Ethical and Green Wedding Invitations that there is really no excuse not to choose this option. Of course, paperless is the best way to go, which I did not do, but I did compromise and used green printers where I could. Hopefully this has given some of you a few ideas for your own wedding.

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  1. Love your blog! I've been looking for some inspiration on creating personalised stationery and this has really helped. Thank you!

    1. So glad to help Will. There are great companies out there that focus on affordable green printing. We are glad to have inspired you. All the best,