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Now that I have announced it to my family and closest friends, Emma H. I thought it fit to start blogging about Weddings, especially my confusing journey through wedding planning from an ethical standpoint. To be honest, I didn't want to take on the challenge at first. It seemed over-complicated and tiresome to be searching for vendors who belonged to such a niche market. Then I started planning, and realised that weddings, in general, can be a pain in the you-know-what. So I took Emma H. up on her challenge to put on an ethical wedding, and document the triumphs, downfalls, and revelations.

So why have an ethical wedding and what is it anyways? 
Firstly, I am having an ethical wedding, not a hipster one. Some of you may ask what's the difference, but I'd rather not get into the latter in this post. When looking up for a proper definition, I found links to green weddings and 'eco'-weddings, which placed an emphasis on the environment. Instead, I am approaching this wedding from a social point-of-view. This is not to say that I won't be taking into consideration the environmental benefits, but my goal is have a wedding that incorporates the following (and this list will expand once my definition becomes more refined):
  • supporting local, independent vendors;
  • the use of fairtrade and ecologically sustainable produce and materials wherever possible;
  • reducing waste by budgeting and monitoring consumption;
  • keeping the wedding as much of a part of us as possible--that means making the wedding a reflection of us as opposed to a wedding that puts the guests as the priority;
  • advice from the experts;
  • making things, and get into the spirit of it all; and
  • avoiding anything with negative social and environmental impacts.

What can you expect?
For one, you can expect an honest account of all the steps I take to put this wedding together. And yes, if there is any faltering on my part, it will be noted: from dressmakers and sustainably and ethically sourced materials to organic caterer. I'll also be covering wedding bands and engagement rings made from non-conflict gems, fairmined and fairtrade gold, and venues.

Next Posts: Ethical Proposals & Engagement Rings...

(c) Photo by Emma J. for The Conscience Collective

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  1. I think having an ethical wedding is wonderful and I definitely believe it is feasible. With the right vendors and research you can find just about all that you want and need to pull off a successful ethical wedding. Here is link to a company that makes beautiful ethical wedding gowns and accessories

    1. Hi Courtney, Thank you for this. I will be doing another post next week on Weddings, and next month on Wedding gowns, and your 'ethical' options. It is easy to find vendors and so forth, but its a matter of finding what you're looking for that may or may not be the challenge. Stay tuned, and please do tell us what you would like to see come out of this Wedding Series.

  2. I'll be getting married in August, and definitely think that these posts will inspire me to incorporate a few ethical practices. I am looking forward to reading about the rings

    1. You've made my day! This is what I hope people get out of these posts, and I am glad I already have two people thinking along these lines. Stay tuned for more...