STYLE | Free Spirited in ASOS Africa


I love my friend Syreeta from Guyana. She is definitely the type of person who will brighten up any day. She's my go-to gal when it comes to more...cough cough...intimate matters, and is definitely the one person you'd want at a party. So, imagine how excited I was when I heard she was helping to plan my hen do. My fiance was out of town on his stag, so I had Syreeta [or as I like to call her, Syreetz] stay over for some girlie time. On the day she was leaving I gave her some clothes to try on to kill some time and immediately got excited, especially since she fit perfectly into these ASOS Africa trousers made by SOKO Kenya.

I love the detail of these trousers, and because they are made from cotton, they are ideal for the warm weather. We've paired these with flats, but they are extra hot with a pair of heels as well. 

 I paired this ensemble with a sheer chiffon blouse my mother gave me from her expansive closet and this classic fedora by Fairtrade Pachacuti.

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