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EASTER was always my favourite time of year. In Guyana, this season started off with the celebration of Phagwah (or Holi), the Hindu festival celebrating the coming of spring by throwing colourful powders and fragrant waters onto whomever was within close proximity. This was then followed by Hat Shows and competitions, Easter Egg hunts, and divine Tea Parties. Finally, on Easter Monday, everyone (Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Baha'i) would take to the parks, seawalls, or creeks to fly their kites*--imagine, tens of thousands of kites sheltering all the people down below, flying high in all their glory. This is symbolic as it is not only part of Guyana's tradition, but has religious significance as it is meant to represent the ascension into heaven. These were the best memories of Easter. 

Now, I am sitting in my flat in lovely, but FREEZING, London; confined to seeking shelter indoors as much as I can. There will be no kite flying, no Hat Shows and Parades, and definitely no Kite Flying. However, why should I not enjoy Easter, regardless? Hence, I have found a few ethical comfort items for this season, which I hope many of you will enjoy. 
EasterDivine Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit, £4 | Pachacuti Easter Parade Inspired Fedoras, Coming Soon | Divine Dark Chocolate Bunnies, $3.99 | Luxury Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, £10 | Asha Handicrafts Kashmir Papier Mache Eggs, £12 | Traidcraft Easter Bunny Card, £3.15 | Traidcraft Crochet Pocket Pet in a Bag, £3.59 | Booja Booja Rum Sozzled Truffle Egg, £11

*Kite Flying actually arrived in Guyana through the Chinese Indentured Immigrants in the mid 19th century, who flew kites to mark the beginning of spring. However, it was believed that they changed it to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ 

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