STYLE | The Komodo Manchu


It's Bloody Cold! Winter is Coming! Winter is Coming, and your girl is not too happy about it. It was so cold yesterday, that I decided to work out of bed. I shouldn't admit to such things, but its true. The protection my covers gave me was too good to pass up. Our central heating and unethical single-paned windows offered limited sanctuary from the elements, which meant that I could still feel a draft on my neck, toes and fingers. So I, unashamedly, crawled back into bed, under the covers, and continued to work. Ahhh...that's the life, one might say, but not really...

I then remembered the KOMODO Manchu Coat, which I tried on at 69b, and how warm and fitting it would've been whilst I sat at my bureau. This one is now sold out, but Komodo has come up with variations on this popular oversized wrap coat, which is to die for (not to mention that it is one of our favourite fair trade and environmentally-aware fashion brands).

(c) All Photos by Emma J

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