FASHION | Takemoto Handmade Eyewear


Love and had to share these hand crafted frames by Takemoto which I found through this pin. Glasses of any kind can be ridiculously expensive and are generally carbon copies made of plastic. It's refreshing to see the number of alternative glasses makers, often hand crafting glasses from alternative materials at an affordable, or at least, a realistic price. Click read more to see more! 

I can't be certain about the production of these glasses but from what I can gather through google translate these frames are handcrafted in China by a dude by the name of Takemoto. Often China is ruled out of the sustainability equation but  I don't think it's fair or realistic to assume that just because something is produced in China it's so done unsustainably or unfairly. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, China's populace is as varied as it is large and a quick google search throws up a tonne of artisan groups operating over there. Takemoto uses bamboo for roughly half of his frames and as a wood it is incredibly tough and sustainable as it requires marginal input. These definitely make my wishlist. 

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