I got so caught up between the emotions of elation and great sorrow for the devastation that afflicts mankind every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day. So caught up that I forgot I wanted to do a quick post on Comic Relief & Red Nose Day

For those outside the UK, COMIC RELIEF is a British Charity that helps the poor in both the UK and Africa. It was founded by comedic scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in 1985 as a response to the famine in Ethiopia. The main fundraising activity occurs during Red Nose Day, which is a biennial telethon held in March.  What makes this amazing is the fact that all the celebrities get involved, and not from the UK, but many of them go to these impoverished countries with some of the most heart-breaking outcomes and get involved from the ground. It is truly something I admire, regardless of the schizophrenic-type state it gets you in--one minute you're laughing your head off, and the next minute you're crying your heart out. Despite this Red Nose Day inspires us to be more aware of what is going on in countries less fortunate than ours. 

After donating, Jonathan Ross announced how much they had raised from the British public before his session ended, and it really got me emotional. OVER £66 Million raised, and much more was coming in. Amazing! I felt proud, but that we could do much more. Although I have witnessed many of the struggles with curable diseases that take the lives of children, or famines that wipe out entire villages, it still hits close to home. So this is why we at the Conscience Collective are proud to say that we support Red Nose Day & Comic Relief and we hope that you do too.

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  1. Oh, I love Comic Relief. Such a brilliant example of people coming together to make change.

  2. Oh definitely! And although we both agree that aid is not necessarily the way forth, when it comes to immediate relief, where government incentives are not being created, or where the government do not have enough resources to take on such initiatives, it is great to see that the British Public have rallied in such an amazing way. over 75million pounds, in just those few hours.
    With that they are stocking already built clinics with the appropriate medicines, and nets (apparently there is a study that shows that if people are meant to buy they own nets they use it, whereas if they are given them they then create a market for selling nets to people, and not necessarily use them...hmmmm. I need to see that one). Hopefully provide properly managed "safe-water" systems, and more health facilities in high risk areas. It would be great if training and capacity building was also involved.