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I am in love with TRICOTAGE, en francais it means knitting, but to us it is an amazing Danish company specialisng in clothing made from organic cotton. I first learnt about the brand through my Danish friend, Maja, who sent me the loose fitting scratch print top. I wear it everywhere as the cotton is breathable, which is perfect for the summer, and a great piece to use for layering in the winter. As you can see, it was one of my staples in Suriname, during my UNDP contract
Tricotage Organic Cotton Clothing was founded in 2010 by Danish designer duo Karin Bjørneboe and Ida Anesdatter Schmidt, who wanted to create collections of beautiful basics that are easy to wear and made from sustainable materials, and were ecologically sound. They use certified organic cotton, which guarantees that the cotton used is organically grown and the processing of the raw material is as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. Their supply chain assures that ethical labour principles are followed, such as no child labour and ensuring that labourers are paid at least the minimum wage.  

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MY OUTFIT: Top from TRICOTAGE | Sunglasses from streets of Brighton from an elderly man with a ever-so-sexy grin | Headwrap was handmade by Emma H. just for me using discarded material.

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