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I've become somewhat of a golf anorak. I'm not brilliant as yet, but I'm trying. I'm quite obsessive in fact, with thoughts of club to ball invading my dreams, and when asked if I'd like to go to the spa, a treat for me, all I can think of is whether or not it would cut into my golf time. My very important golf time. 
Right now I'm in bed, thinking of today's session at the driving range--two hours no less--which was much harder than last week's as this time I had to focus on my technique (a very frustrating task to begin with).

T-shirt - Nike
Cardigan - Second-hand Nautica
Shorts - People Tree similar to Otar Komodo Shorts
Canvas Shoes - Bata Kenya  
Bought about three pairs of these shoes for my many trips into the field, and man do they withhold the varying degrees of temperatures and climates I experienced in East Africa and elsewhere. Great sustainability and environmental policies internationally, with amazing stance on leather and supply chains. Apparently, Bata shoes were also big in the Caribbean back in the day, according to the folks

For a preview of me practicing my drive with a 3-Wood check out my swing here.

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  1. Can I just say, you are cray cray!! haha love the vid :)

  2. Haha! You know it! I had to ask Mr P. if my practice swing was good...he said "yeah" (Liar)