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Oh yes, cleaning. We all love to do it. My obsession with earth friendly cleaning has recently extended to not cleaning at all unless I can find a non-toxic biodegradable alternative to our shared household's regular supplies*.

*That lie was so good I almost believed it myself!  Truth is I Hate cleaning and don't need an excuse not to do it but I am weirdly obsessed with alternative cleaning products, homemade or otherwise. My most recent irk is washing up. We're doing it constantly and yet synthetic sponges last five seconds in a house of seven and god knows what we're putting down the drain and on our skin. In the UK I always buy earth kind washing up liquid but biodegradable sponges are something I have no idea why I haven't researched until now. So to make life easier for those of you who have the same ethical washing up irks as I do, have a look at the list of products and where to buy below.

Clockwise from top left:
Trader Joe's Pop Up Sponges | Made from Biodegradable Vegetable Cellulose 
Full Circle Suds Up Brush | Made from Bamboo, Natural bristles, Recycled plastic bristles,  Bonterra™ (plant-based plastic)
Full Circle Tidy Dish Cloths | Organic Cotton 
Full Circle Flip Loofah Sponge | Loofah & Biodegradable Vegetable Cellulose | My personal favourite
Twist Naked Sponge | 100% Biodegradable 
Bio D Washing Up Liquid Perfume free &  Biodegradable
Natural Coir Vegetable Brushes | 100% Biodegradable Natural Fibres
Full Circle Walnut Scrubber SpongeMade from Biodegradable Vegetable Cellulose, Crushed Walnut Shells & Recycled Plastic 
Ecover Chamomile & Marigold Washing Up Liquid | All Natural Ingredients | This is my least recommended, even though I've used it often, because I find it difficult to actual fully understand their eco credentials, their website has a lot of fluff so I hope there is some real substance behind it.
Finally, Paperless Kitchen is another great source of ethical cleaning supplies. 

Remember that in order to biodegrade effectively sponges need to be put in compost or buried in the garden and not just tossed in the trash.

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