SEASONAL | Father's Day Mash Up


Treats fo' yo' Daddy

Father's Day is a pretty worthwhile commercial holiday in my opinion, yeah, of course we should appreciate our loved ones everyday, but inevitably things get in the way. With that said, it is notoriously difficult to gift my father anything, all he wants is a happy family he says. Whilst this is very noble (love you Dad!), I can't exactly wrap that up with a bow. Seeing as we are a million miles apart (Mum and Dad live in the UK) instead of the customary Father's Day meal I would like to send him a well thought out something just to say THANK YOU for all the sh*t I've put you through being my Dad.  Needless to say this post took fooorever to put together, but hope there's an ethical idea in here for your dad, that special father figure or your baby daddy too. :-)

1. The Usual | Shirts from left to right | Arthur & HenryArthur & HenryPeople Tree
2. The Gatsby | Panamas | Pachacuti & Pachacuti (who else!?) 
3. The Garden Shed | Solar Shed Light | Smart Solar on Ethical Superstore
4. The Walkabout | Walkers Map | AA
5. The Lumberjack | Treat Your Teak Wood Treatment | Baileys Home  
6. The Forgetmenot | Anti-lose Keyholder | Knowledge Cotton 
7. The OAP | Free Bus Pass Holder | Elvis & Kresse on Arthur & Henry
8. The Wishful Thinker | Yeah-right Vintage Aviators | (but he'd look so good in these!)
9. The Traveler | Organic Cotton Duffel Bag | Knowledge Cotton 
10. The Expanding Waistline | Monaco (Drawstring) Linen Shorts | Komodo 
11. The Wishful Thinker II | Recycled Rug Kilims | Pia & Co. 
12. The Usual II | Bamboo Socks | Braintree - if you have to give him socks these are pretty awesome 
13. The Intrepid Explorer (aka Dog Walker) | Waxed Canvas Parker | Knowledge Cotton 

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  1. Oh Emzy! Gifting my dad something is also very difficult: "I have everything I need" he says. Yeah yeah yeah, whatever! "What do you WANT then?" is always my follow-up to that. Will be seriously looking into a Fathers' Day presie from this list. Good work partner!