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Took my "little cousin" who was visiting from Guyana for a few days around Londontown. As we passed the M&M's store for the second time, she nudged me in. Great!!!! Another place where millions of tourists are cramped into one space, just my kind of party. Exaggerations aside, we went in and I immediately gravitated towards the free samples (I might as well). Then I saw the crazy colours on the wall, and thought "HMMMMMM, I should probably use this opportunity to take some photos for the blog, especially since Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer from the Noisettes, said "I love your Style!" on Dean Street earlier (EEK, this is the second time she has commented on my person). So, here you go...

Both my Dress and Coat are Charity Shop finds. The Coat is Navy and made from Cashmere and Wool which I found in the CANCER RESEARCH UK SHOP on Turnpike Ln, and the dress is an Electric blue wool batwing dress I fell in love with a few years back from a Charity Shop in Edinburgh.

Although I have not featured any DIYs (which I promise to do soon), I have done quite a few. My head wrap and scarf are both handmade. The scarf is actually Emma H.'s (I'm holding onto it for her whilst she is in Trinidad), which she made from a vintage sheepskin rug (I Die for this scarf). My head wrap was made by my grandmother, from fabric I found in Suriname last year, and is reversible. 
She is soooo clever!

Both my Sunglasses and bag were gifts. The Sunglasses are FOSTER GRANT's and were given to me by my grandfather, whilst my purse was a gift from my aunt.

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