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Ahm! Yeah, that title means what you think it means. Thanks to a facebook post by one of my anthropologist colleagues and an interesting review by the Guardian yesterday, we are now going to get a little...ahm...scandalous with this whole "green" thing. 

F**K FOR FOREST is definitely one of "the world's most bizarre charities," as it promotes a new genre for not only NGOs but pornography as well. Based in Berlin, F**k for Forest, creates homemade erotica featuring FFF staff and random volunteer, which is then uploaded to their members only site. However, they also encourage subscribers to upload their own erotic movies and pictures. To gain access, subscribers pay about £10 a month, which is then used put towards their rainforest conservation projects in South America (In the film they are in Peru).

As their tagline "Have Sex, Save the World" and their poster is reminiscent of the 60s free love movement, it is of no surprise that this charity believes that something as organic and natural as sex should be used for the greater good of nature itself. Sex and the Environment, together? Why didn't anyone think of this before? Well not in such a purely pornography way? Well it got the attention of Polish Filmmaker, Michal Marczak, who has created the documentary [read more to see trailer] on this charity, which gives us insight into what FFF is all about and how they really function.


Tommy Hol Ellingsen's, the organisation's Norwegian co-founder, states that "Sex is often shown to attract us to buy all kinds of bullshit products and ideas, so why not for a good cause? The human body is considered more offensive and threatening than most things in the industrial world around us, like cars, but I don't see the naked body in itself as a threat to the morals or values of modern society. I think it's more a mass psychosis people have. Why we are destroying the planet may be somehow connected to the values modern humans have created for themselves."

There will be a few upcoming screenings throughout London, which I'll be checking out next week. I may write a short review on our facebook page, but it would be interesting to hear your reactions towards such a concept. Below are the upcoming screenings dates in London.


Friday 19 April-25 April

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  1. WOW, an eco porn organisation!
    This is sure to generate interest as it did for me.
    I will however refrain from sending in any videos/photos.

    1. Haha! Yes Syreeta, please refrain.

  2. OMG this is madness! Eco Porn! love it.