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Valentines Day

If you're planning on celebrating Valentine's Day, perhaps these lovely little ethical items may inspire you. Why not love love with products that incorporate a love for the environment and sustainability. Time to get sexy ladies, for yourself, for your partner, or just for the sheer pleasure of it all.

For Appearances
Ciel | Double Happiness Spa Body Butter  - All Natural
Vapour Organic Beauty | Tempest 423 Siren Lipstick - 70% Certified Organic Ingredients 30% Natural Minerals and Vitamins

Setting the Mood
Billie Holiday's "All of Me"

Get a Whiff'a that
Florascent | Parfum de Poche Eau de Toilette Kyoto  - Created with the finest natural and organic flower essential oil

The Morsels
Limney Estate | Sparkling Brut- Grown organically on the estate near Horsmonden in East Sussex.
Vegan Cuts | Box of Herbal Mint Truffles - Raw cocoa vegan chocolate

Just a little closer
Ayten Gasson | Sophie Silk Teddie - Vintage Nottingham Lace, Finest Silk & Made completely in the UK

Touchy Feely
Love Potion | Aromatic Massage Oils - All Natural

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  1. Love this. Dying to get a new natural perfume, but too difficult when you can't smell!

  2. Hmmm! Next Christmas/Birthday gift (NOTED)!!!