FASHION | Elle South Africa January 2013


I am not a big Elle Reader, my poison is Vogue, and not just Vogue but I collect a few of the Vogue Publications--mainly UK, Italia, Paris, and when I can get my hands on one Vogue Brasil, India, Russia and Latin America. Anywhooooohow, I came across last month's Elle South Africa thanks to my new favourite Fashion Magazine Store in NYC and was inspired by their 'JOZI MABONENG' editorial, which I had to share. 
The premise: Some of the best designers from all over [Sub-Saharan] Africa, such as Loin Cloth and Ashes, Taibo Bacar, Ituen Basi, Marianne Fassler (one of my favs from NYFW 2012), Gavin Rajah and Deola Sagoe,  meet in Soweto to show off some truly inspiring prints, modeled by the lovely Sharleen Dziire. I cannot say how much I adore this editorial, as it highlights an approach to Africa and its aesthetics as it greets a new dawn in fashion. This editorial inspired me so much that I went off and finally utilised my Ghanaian Wax Print fabric, which I made into a full skirt (Post on this to come shortly). What follows are a few images from this spread which I hope brings new light to how we all see Africa and its fashion.
Dress by Taibo Bacar
Tulle and waxed cotton dress by Marianne Fassler
Dress by Deola Sagoe
Jacket by Gavin Rajah; Skirt by Thula Sindi
Brocade Peplum Top and Skirt by Gavin Rajah
Beaded Bra by Taibo Bacar; Jacket by Ituen Basi; Skirt by Loin Cloth & Ashes
Obsessed with ragged bolero and printed skinny pants by Ituen Basi
These beautiful prints and textiles present juxtapositions between the dreaminess and realities of the African continent. There is an edge to all of these pieces, showcasing the woman who wears this as strong, feminine and persevering.

Photographs: Ross Garrett at Lampost
Hair: Kevin Epstein using Naturalmente
Make-up: Lesley Whitby using M.A.C
Model: Sharleen at G3
Shot on location at Bara Market, Soweto

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  1. I love that African fashion is getting so much attention on the world stag. So many bold bright and beautiful prints.