POP CULTURE | The Ordinary Goings-on of Extraordinary Portlandia


So, the Premiere of Season 3 of Portlandia aired yesterday, 4th January on IFC, and if you have not yet heard of this TV show, we strongly recommend that you watch it. The satire plays off of the "wholesome", new-age born again "hippie-esque" city of Portland in Oregan, USA, created by and starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein who take on the roles of most of the characters. This series takes ethical living to a whole new extreme.
From the bizarre obsessions with extreme "organic" lifestyles to pickling (see video below), or the hyperbolic feminists who shudder at the sight of any fallic object, we are sure this series will have you laughing out loud. We all have a bit of Portlandia in us to some degree. For me, it was definitely the obsessive compulsive watching of a series from morning to morning (for me it was The Wire & The Tudors). Whilst we are on the topic of obsessions, the programme highlights how Portlandians have various obsessions--organic food, pickling, putting a bird on it, upcycling & reusing every single bit of material one can find, going to the latest brunch joint, the word cacao, the list goes on. Above is Flavorwire's Portlandiest Moments So Far, perhaps this will inspire some of you to join into the latest obsession.

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