DEVELOPMENT | Leatherback Turtles, Nature Seekers and What I'm Doing in Trinidad


by Emma H.

Watch Trinidad's Turtle Giants on PBS. See more from Saving the Ocean.

A recent PBS release about the endangered Leatherback turtles and the courageous villagers who fought to save them. Nature Seekers, the wonderful organisation where I now work as craft coordinator, is heavily featured and some of my favourite faces make a star appearance. Nature Seekers is based in the rural Trinidadian "Turtle village" of Matura,  home to some pretty inspiring people who I am lucky enough to work with everyday. My programme aims to turn the hundreds of glass bottles collected during the annual pre turtle season beach clean up into beads, jewellery and other recycled glass products. We are also working with seeds, coconut, shells and other natural materials to provide an additional source of income and employment in the community.  I have never seen the Leatherbacks and I cannot wait until turtle season begins in March. I've already warned everyone that I will definitely cry, from what I hear it is an incredibly moving experience. Stay tuned for more jewellery, leatherbacks and Matura as my new job develops and unfolds. 

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  1. So glad to read about the amazing work you're doing. Looking forward to much more.