STYLE | Ecoluxe London Showroom Outfit Instagramed


Yesterday was the last day of Ecoluxe London's showroom, featuring some amazing designers. I was in mid-review of my UN report, when I got a tweet from Ecoluxe asking if we were coming to the event. I saw this around 17h35h, the event ended at 20h00, and it would take me about 40mins to get there. So, I literally threw on this oversized looped cardigan over a dress I bought NEW from a charity shop, wrapped my head with this Burberry scarf, and swapped my havaianas for a pair of Prada. I slapped on some lippy and ran out the door, not looking into the mirror. As a result this is what came from me putting an ethical outfit together.

STACY'S OUTFIT: Dress: From OXFAM in Edinburgh, Scotland | Cardigan: Sample Sale at PEOPLE TREE compliments of Emma H. [See Smaller Version] | Scarf on head: BURBERRY | Shoes: Prada | Ring: Handmade by local NY jeweler infront of  BKLYN's eco-eatery Habana Outpost | Bracelets: From SAVE THE CHILDREN in Crouch End, London.

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  1. Love everything about it. These posts have inspired me to go to thrift.

  2. I need to go learn to tie the turban it

  3. Sasha, I will definitely have to do a tutorial/DIY segment. It is so easy, you just need a long scarf...Next post, I promise!