FASHION | CAMPECHE, La Cravatta per L'Uomo Italiano


I'm always a sucker for Nick Wooster's style. Taken by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist
It's getting a bit chilly outside, and my friends in Italia are already pushing me over the edge with their taunts of how great the weather. So, I thought I would use them as my inspiration and feature an Italian ethical brand. And not only that, I thought it was about time we did something on menswear. To be honest, I was spoiled for choice, but decided to go with something I personally love on a guy--a tie. Well I like the suit that goes along with the tie too, but I was thinking of starting small, especially for mi amici Italiani, who are more into fashion that I could ever dream of being. Maybe something might grab your attention. 
Now, the brand I decided to look at is CAMPECHE, which focuses on scarves, stoles and ties made with vegetal dyed yarn, dermatologically tested and GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). The style inspiration was taken from the ever so amazing Nick Wooster, who is notorious for his textured skinny ties, and amazing suits and jackets to match. These add character to an outfit, without looking as though one has tried too hard. Not to mention they're ethical (you'll at least feel a bit self-righteous once you've explained to your friends that your tie is one of those little things that will help save the world one day...well why not?).
These ties fulfill a variety of ethical criteria that we should commend. These criteria are :
  • Being Ethical - yarn are dyed with natural dyes extracted from plants, berries and roots. All their materials are highly biodegradable and come from renewable resources.
  • 100% Made in Italy - all aspects of the supply chain within Italy, with production occuring within a 70 km radius to minimise their carbon footprint
  • Healthy - as these products are made with vegetable dyed yarns, the do not cause any allergic reactions to those who have sensitive tissues.
  • Unique - They pride themselves on their use of organic and ethical materials, especially their use of vegetable dyes.


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