FASHION | Diane von Furstenberg NYFW RTW S/S13


These are just some of the images we love from Diane von Furstenberg's RTW S/S13 Collection [yes there are loads more]. The lovely hints of what looks like a shalwar [Indian garment], resonates with the climate in which DVF is working. On an ethical note, Diane von Furstenberg's participation in various ventures to promote ethical practices in fashion and the awareness of climate change and fashion's role in environmental challenges is enough for us to applaud her. However, in most of her collections we see experimentation with various 'green' fabrics, such as bamboo, and organic wool as per her black and white suite For Earth Pledge's Future Fashion Show. We'd love to see more of her work with a ethical fashion perspective, but it is good to know that she is constantly considering these options and incorporating them into her collections. Piece by little piece...


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