FASHION | Carlos Miele NYFW S/S '13


Here is another Brazilian designer, we at The Conscience Collective commend. CARLOS MIELE'S flowy vibrant pieces provoke emotions that are reflective of his native Brazil. Animalistic, fierce, and uber sexy. More importantly, we celebrate Miele as he supports local artisans, with whom he works to preserve traditional techniques that are being lost. In addition, he is also the creator of the international project in collaboration with the Rainforest Foundation US,  started by Sting and Trudy Styler, in 1989, whereby special T-shirts are created and sold to benefit the Foundation's programmes in Brazil [Actresses Scarlett Johansson,and Camilla Belle are contributors on this project]. He is very important to us, as his work goes towards conserving the rainforest and promoting Indigenous and traditional peoples' rights within this basin.We hope you enjoy his collection as much as we did.

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