My obsession with South Carolina has now taken me to discover loads of SC-based businesses, such as The Contents Co. Imagine the sweltering heat of the southern sun beating down on you, and an Oasis of these nicely branded bottles of clear liquids just calling out to be sprayed onto one's body. Well it happened to me, and I'm now convinced that I need to use this for the rest of my life. Ok, maybe my enthusiasm for S.C. has driven me to be a bit more dramatic, but the sentiment is real. This all natural apothecary came about after the creator became disillusioned by his previously growing candle company, which relied on unpronounceable, unnatural ingredients. As a result, he went back to the basics, using ingredients he could find in SC, to make three products--candles, bath salts, and body mists.

I ended up chatting with the creator, Beau Burdette, who explained that they specifically source all their natural ingredients ethically. By doing these delightful products in small batches, one feels connected to his mission, and the product itself. Not just to the company but to each ingredient that so consciously went into his products. 
As I sprayed his mists onto myself and all over my sister--someone had to be the guinea pig, so I pulled rank being the elder of the two--I was confronted by three things: the weightlessness of the mists, the fresh scents and how refreshed and cool my skin felt. I tried the Aloe Body Mist, which conjured images of rain, a Japanese Tea Ceremony and the feeling of inner peace. I immediately purchased a bottle. 

Ingredients of Aloe Mist:
Aloe Water, Cucumber Water, Peppermint Water, Aqua, Witch Hazel 
Aloe, Green Tea, Mint, Jasmine

He currently has four scents, which are Aloe, Jasmine, Lavender and Rose, and cost a cool $18 ($14 at his kiosk at Charleston City Market). Beau recommended using the Lavender (or was it Jasmine?) on your linens as well, which just sounded uber lush and indulgent, which I promised myself I would buy the next time I restocked on the Aloe Mist, which is now one of my MUST HAVE items for the summer. Try one or all HERE.

Beau Burdette, creator of The Contents Co., packaging my Personal Mist


Photos taken from The Contents Co.'s website and by Stacy H.

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