One Sunday a month, I like to gather a few friends over to have discussions about various aspects of society in a forum I call Stacy's Tea Salon. On the 24th April, we had decided to direct our attention to how social media plays a role in how young girls and boys are viewing female empowerment and the female body. The discussion was fruitful and interesting, but although the theme did not specifically address Fashion Revolution Week, I wanted to bring some attention to its significance, and the event that occurred on that day three years ago. 

It is always rewarding to speak about why I believe a fashion revolution is necessary, why women need economic empowerment, and how fashion and fairtrade could uplift the lives of the world's most poor and vulnerable--most of whom are women and children. Of course, the conversation diverted towards how social media is being used to bring greater awareness to this kind of empowerment, which led me to highlight the #whomademyclothes campaign. It was evident that my friends were starting to process what they were wearing that day: "Whew, I'm wearing People Tree, thank God!", "I don't know who I'm wearing, that's bad." The comments alone tell me that my friends are very much aware of some of the issues within fashion, and hopefully this campaign and all who have participated in Fashion Revolution Week will further carry on the message behind it beyond the instagram selfies.

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