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Gifts for Everyone Else2

KATE'S PAPERIE Leather Travel Journal, $67 | LYDALI Blue Gradient Clutch, $32 | PEOPLE TREE Recycled Yarn Pom Pom Hat, £22 | SEVEN HOPES UNITED Carved Rustic Whitewashed Picture Frame, $34 | FLENSTED Balloon 5 Mobiles, Price upon Request | TRUE GRACE Moroccan Rose Soy wax Candle, £14 | JOHNSTONS OF ELGIN Green Lambswool Shawl, £15 | GREEN & BLUE Birdball Belle Feeder, £19.95  | DOWSE Kaleidoscope Clock, £25 | HARABU HOUSE M-Cups Measuring Matyroshkas, $13 | EARTHLUST Stainless Steel Bottle 400ml, £12 | BASKETS FROM AFRICA Swazi Sisal Basket, $91(£56).

Two weeks ago, I went on a hunt for a gift for my intern for doing such a great job, and thanking her for her three months of invaluable assistance. I didn't know what to get, so settled on a People Tree Dress, which I guessed would fit her, and it did (whew). The experience got me to thinking about how often we get stuck on gifts to get for certain people outside of our immediate circles. For example, what do I get Winston, my Rastafarian Postman, as a thank you for being so chirpy, and remembering my name? Or a friend who loves to bake?
The list above is just a smidgen of all the amazing sustainable gifts that are out there, and that's counting the gifts in our GIFT GUIDE MAGAZINE. Yet, I thought I would compose a list of gifts based on those very people whose current roles, stations, and characteristics help define the types of gifts we purchase for them.

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