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Christmas Sale! People Tree Work Wear

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, how is it all over already!? Well I'm back in the UK (and about to reunite with Stacy over New Years Eve! Eek!), and apart from the friends, the family and the food, shopping is always high on my agenda. So many of the brands we love to buy are only available online or in stores in the UK and US and coming home is always my chance to stock up ... and unleash my inner spending devil, you know the one. However, this year I'm trying to focus that devil on things I really really need and - I can hear all my colleagues screaming from Trinidad - I really need work wear. But URGH, I hate it. I'm not an office wear kinda gal, I'd rock to work in jeans & a t-shirt everyday if I could. However, some occasions call for appropriate attire and my constantly recycled pair of black cigarette pants with American Apparel white shirt and black blazer are getting old. So, if I have to spend my money on work wear, I'm going to 1, buy it in the sale and, 2, from People Tree. They have the best affordable selection of fitted, smart and a little sexy office appropriate attire; white shirts with sweet details, sexy pencil skirts in robust hand woven fabrics and perfect pencil dresses in subtle prints and colours. Done & done! 

From top to bottom, left to right on my kitsch best-of-the-sale work wear Christmas tree:

Vintage Flower Brooch £12.00 | Coco Cropped Jacket £119.00, now £71.40 | Amelie Crochet Jumper  £85.00, now £42.50 | Lydia Evening Shirt £75.00, now £52.50 | Cailtin Blouse  £55.00, now £44.00 | Plaited Knot Belt £75.00, now£45.00 | Nicole Bouquet Dress  £80.00, now £48.00 | Leopard Pencil Dress  £78.00, now £54.60 | Lauren Rose Print Dress £78.00, now £46.80 | Lauren Sweetpea Dress £65.00, now £52.00 | Eva Dove Dress £80.00, now £56.00 | Lara Pencil Skirt  £55.00, now £33.00 | Dogtooth Pencil Skirt £85.00, now £34.00 | Sofia Pencil Skirt £75.00, now £45.00 | Nicola Pencil Skirt £85.00, now £42.50 | Brigit Hand Woven Skirt £75.00, now £45.00 | Lara Bouquet Skirt £58.00, now £34.80 | BEYOND SKIN JoJo Recycled Upper Pumps £89.00, now £55.00

Picture 2: Lydia Evening Shirt £75.00, now £52.50 | Lara Pencil Skirt  £55.00, now £33.00 | Taja Diamonte Ring £10.00 | Jane Trousers £75.00 | NEAL'S YARD Date Lipstick £15.00 | BEYOND SKIN Dita Pumps  £159.00, now £79.00 

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