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Ghanaian Bolga Baskets

I've been missing my various woven South American and Kenyan baskets and bags lately. The colours, the multi-functionality, and the histories and traditions that embody them are enough to make anyone fall in love. I've used them, for the most part, as decorative items for my little space in DC, but have yet to ship them over to the UK. In Kenya, I would use my handwoven basket for storage, whilst in Guyana my mother used them during her Sunday trips to the local markets. Filled to the brim with fresh tropical produce from small farmers, these baskets represent a time of abundance, community and local splendour. So, it should be no surprise that when I came across BASKETS OF AFRICA, and these Fair Trade and sustainable Ghanaian Bolga Baskets, that I would become nostalgic and longing for one of these gorgeous items to add to my collection.  Only problem is, I have no idea which one to choose, as I want every style and pattern. Surely, you're longing for one too...Tell us which one!

Baskets vary in prices depending on size

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