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Bridesmaid Jewellery

Oh man, being the Maid of Honour at a friend's wedding is a lot of pressure, no matter how beautiful or meticulously planned the wedding is. There's the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the speech (eek!), the rehearsal, the emotion, the disagreements, holding the train, tissues, bouquet, fixing the hair, the list goes on. One of the most stressful things though can be deciding what to wear, especially if you're allowed to choose your own dress.

A few weeks before my best friend's wedding the dress I had brought back from England was crossed off the list resulting in a contained panic attack and a mad rush to find something else. I ended up with three and didn't know which one I was wearing until a few hours before the ceremony. That meant that I had to be very strategic with my jewellery buying. Two of my three dresses fell into my ethical category, one second hand from eBay, the second a dress I had bought for my 18th birthday and wore to the bride's mother's 50th birthday in 2007. I had a feeling though that the third dress (Lipsy from ASOS) would be the one I wore and so definitely wanted my jewellery to be ethically sourced. Gold, pink and white limited my colour choices and I thank God I found I had so much choice! It's not always possible to make ethical choices, especially when you're involved in someone else's event and so having the freedom to be able to add ethical touches through accessories is a good way to ease your conscience.

Will post a pic of what I wore when the wedding photos are released! It was a really special day and I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to stand by my oldest friend as she made her vows and make so many new ones during the process.

Clockwise from left:
Made | Conjura Chandelier Earrings  | via ASOS  
A Peace Treaty | Gold Fringe Earrings | via Connected Goods 
Mirabelle | Dragon Cuff | via Fashion Conscience
Anton Heunis | Crystal Leaf Drop Earrings | via My Wardrobe 
People Tree | Bead Cluster Ring 
A Peace Treaty | Ubari Earrings 
Mirabelle | Medieval Pearl Bangles  
Mirabelle | Shell Rings here & here
Mirabelle | Atena Cuff 

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