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It's 03h00 and I'm buzzing after celebrating our friend's Taf's Birthday at The Toy Shop in Putney. Whilst in dancing and "sipping" mode, I spotted the most gorgeous cable jumper/sweater dress in off white on another celebrant from another party. I have NO idea why I didn't ask her from where she got it (heck, you never know she might've said she made it or that she bought it at 69b). However, to avoid the gut wrenching reality that she might've bought it from PRIMARK (eeewwww), I thought I would do a little bit of a search and remembered the Tokyo Dress I am obsessed with from Aussie brand Kowtow. Usually, I'm a Black kinda girl--I was in black tonight actually--but I keep telling myself that I need to be adventurous. So what if white gets dirty easily, and not practical for the field? I need to get out of my comfort zone. Tonight was the kick I needed to get excited about going white (not a tribute to M.J., R.I.P), but before I commit to buying all of my new white gear, I thought I would put together three options of how I would style the Kowtow dress that I am going to get in black white. Tell me which is your fav! 1, 2, 3 or aalll....

Fresh and So Clean Clean
Concrete Polish Studs | Westward Leaning 9.6 Colour Revolution Sunglasses | The Keep Boutique in Brixton Bag | Nom&Ada Sandals

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