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Preparing for Our Garden Party & BBQ

Ah, the warmth is back. Walked outside yesterday to Holland & Barret and ended up having to strip down my layers. That for me is a great sign. I was somewhat panic strickened when the weather took a turn for the worse a few weekends ago, only to have reared its little head just in time for my Garden Party & BBQ. The garden party is quintessential Britain, with sparkling English Wine, British reared meats, delicious salads and lake caught fish making appearances, along with our favourite British desserts--eclaires and scones anyone?
Initially, I was feeling uninspired, however, I took to my polyvore (I'm addicted now) for some much needed guidance and came up with the perfect little floral-inspired Garden Party collection that will have you hosting your own garden party in no time (especially before the Summer says its farewells and makes way for the Autumn).

Garden Party - HOSTESS


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