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Junya Watanabe Inspired -

A while back, Emma H. had pinned a few DIY projects onto our PINTEREST, which involved patches of different denims onto a pair of jeans. And no, this is not that patch you put where your legs have been rubbing together (TMI, sorry), but patches on the front of the jeans as a way to make a statement.

When I saw this look and the fact that it cost 560GBP, I nearly fell off the bed. I'm not a big jeans wearer, so one may think that I am obviously against any sort of spending on denim, but this is far from the truth. Because I am not a big jeans girl, I am very picky, which means I end up spending more, so we can get the price factor out of our heads. What got me going, was the fact that these jeans can be made by any of us--YES you Collective.

Its simple, and all you need are 
scraps of fabric, 
a sewing machine or needle and thread, and 
a pair of old jeans.

So, get inspired and make this your weekend project. Make a statement, and don't worry about not being able to shell out 560 quid for patched denim--afterall, our fashion is all about respecting the materials, and bringing sustainability and slowness to the forefront.

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