BEAUTY | Cosmetic Swapsies



Slowly, but surely, I am working towards swapping my current Beauty Essentials for natural ones. I can't lie: the one product I doubt I will be able to find an equivalent to or better version of is my NARS Foundation. It is the only one I use (I only use foundation to cover up spots, and not something with which I cover all my precious pores), and the only one that does not cake onto my skin and matches my variation complexion just fine. However, I'm open-minded, so I am planning on taking my own advice and trying BB Creams for a start. You see, optimism is my middle name.

Of all the categories, I am excited about playing swapsies with my lipsticks. I have just bought a Korres Lip Pen with a deep plum colour that I tried on yesterday, and kept on for my entire 88 minute Abs, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Strength Workout. Although, I wasn't all there after that workout, my lipstick sure was, and because it was natural it remained as nice and moisturised as it was when I first put it on. 

So, why not try something new. Many of these can be found in your local pharmacy in the Organic Beauty Supply Section or in a health store. I've found quite a few of these in Safeway, Trade Joe's and MOM's Organics in the US, and in Holland & Barrett along with numerous boutique healthy stores in the UK. Or go online to any of the millions of organic beauty e-retailers. Its time that we not only swap our attitudes to life, but also the horrible things in them. WHO IS WITH ME?...

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