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Photos by Kenrick Stevenson from 3D
Ok, Stacy confession. I secretly like to watch basketball, but I refuse to tell the hubby as he'll probably make me read a Bill Simmons article, a book about the history of basketball, or, worst, send me stats about basketball players. Blah! I used to play basketball in high school (not because I liked it, but because I could play it; and yes I played a lot of sports) so my basketball knowledge dates up to then, and I was hoping to keep it that way. However, the last NBA Playoffs I got very much involved (as I did the last two times), vying for the underdogs--The Spurs.

Mr P. (the hubby) had a bunch of old jerseys, which he has owned since he was in high school (some 17+ years ago), so I grabbed the Spurs jersey, which thankfully was monochromatic, grabbed my little black skirt, and a second-hand cardigan Emma found in a charity shop and went on my merry little way.


Cardigan: Second-Hand Zara Embellished Cardigan | Jersey: Vintage Official NBA Basketball Jersey | Skirt: Miu Miu Mini | Shoes: Banana Republic Strappy Heels from Ebay.

Stacy H's Wardrobe Tip: Use your hubby's, father's, brother's or whomever's oversize sports jersey and wear as a dress with some hi-tops or gorgeous heels, or as a floaty top with a mini or some nice slim jeans. Go on Ebay and find a second-hand one or try charity shops. Its a great way to support your favourite team, and be fashionable (ethically). 
* The Day After we posted this Vogue Italia came out with their own snapshots of Basketball T-shirt Glamour

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  1. Fantastic idea to raid Mr S's wardrobe. I love your outfit the top works so well with your skirt.

    1. Thanks Style Eyes. It really is a good way to make HIS wardrobe YOURS (haha)!

  2. And your outfit coulda totally made the Vogue Italia cut!!

    1. Ah SHUCKS Emzy! You're the sweetest!