FASHION | Wimbledon Inspiration: Women's Tennis Sportswear



Tennis Dress: PATAGONIA Women's All Weather Dress £39 | Visor: PATAGONIA Velocity Visor £50| T-Shirt: HOWIES Group Tee £35| Cropped Top: FROM CLOTHING Crop Top £29 | Skirt: PATAGONIA Women's All Weather Skirt £33 | Trainers: NEW BALANCE 1005 Court Choe £79.99 | Socks: PATAGONIA Lightweight Merino Run 1/4 Socks £13

One thing many people may not know about me is that I used to play tennis for Guyana's Junior National Team as a child, and although I have not played competitively since I was 18, I am still very much connected to the sport. I stay out of the personal dramas of the players and just get stuck into the game itself. Afterall, whatelse matters. 
Watching the Men's Finals a few moments ago and seeing both players kitted out in Adidas as they rallied and slid across the court, got me thinking about ethical sportswear for women. It is easy to find organic yoga clothing, as it seems you can't practice yoga in anything but organic cotton, but trying to find a fairtrade, ethical, organic tennis skirt and dress was a bit more of a struggle. Finally, I came across a few great brands, and of course Patagonia didn't disappoint. 

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  1. I love the Patagonia dress, I am definitely in need of new sports clothes and it is great to see some sustainable choices.

    1. Thank you Style Eyes! I know! I play squash alot, but none of my clothes are ethical brands, or brands that market themselves on being ethical, so it is great to see that Patagonia and a few others are stepping up to providing fairtrade options.