MEAT FREE MONDAY | BBQ Inspiration - Tofu w/ Spicy Herb Marinade


Photo Taken from PureWow, Courtesy of Charity Burggraaf
Two Saturdays ago, the hubby and I were invited to a Veggie BBQ, which saw delicious halloumi, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and asparagus featured on the grill. I gave my input with the couscous and very very very strong strawberry daiquiri made from fresh fruits and a load of vodka (I accidentally poured in most of the bottle), and forgot that I was craving a nice juicy meat burger when I was initially confronted by the smell of the charcoal. 

It is of no surprise that today's Meat Free Monday recipe is, therefore, inspired by the BBQ and the beauty that is summer, by spicing up a product that sometimes seems as though it will always remain bland--bean curd, tofu. Just imagine, garlic, red onion, olives, lime juice, parsley, oregano, and chilli chopped to make a very yummy marinade. Then imagine the tofu marinading in all this goodness overnight ar for a few hours. Are you salivating yet? I am! 

Thanks to PureWow, this recipe was adapted from "Plum" by Makini Howell (Sasquatch Books)As the recipe is copyrighted, we decided to send our readers to PureWow's website where this Veggie & Vegan BBQ inspiration is featured. For the recipe visit: PUREWOW.

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  1. So glad I read this post. Have been trying to think of a vegetarian choice for a BBQ on the weekend.THe marinade sounds delicious.

    1. Well we're equally glad that this has inspired you. And this IS a great option. Also, try brushing veggies with this marinade. Yummy!

  2. Food looks great, I used to eat tofu quite a lot