FASHION | Veleco - It's Cycological!


So there is a certain fiance of mine who is obsessed with cycling. Rain, Shine AND Snow he rides to and from work everyday, which makes him the inspiration behind this post. Whilst looking for a Christmas present for him two Christmases ago, I stumbled across Veleco, which I bookmarked and forgot all about, until now. 
VELECO is the world’s first Fair Trade and eco-friendly cycle-wear company, priding themselves in using natural, organic and recycled materials wherever possible and in the way they take care of their employees. This is a key aspect of why we are excited about Veleco. Not only do they pay their workers double the minimum wage, but they also pay a 15% Fair Trade premium on every garment made, which supports health and welfare projects for their workers and their families in Pakistan. They even use Triodos Bank--I actually just received something from Triodos last week--which is an ethical bank that only lends money to people and organisations who are engaged in social enterprises (post coming soon on Triodos). [You can read more about Veleco HERE]

This eco-friendly cycling jacket is made from softshell 100% recycled polyester, with microfibre outer and tricot mesh lining. Making it lightweight, windproof, water resistant and highly breathable. With subtle reflective detailing which doesn't compromise the jacket's style. A great commuter cycle jacket.

Eco Softshell Recycled Cycling Jacket - £75.00

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