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I swung by to see my little cousin, Melissa, who is on the hunt for an upgrade from her KIA Sorrento, which she has had for a few years. Being a NON-EXPERT when it comes to cars (I don't know how to drive, although my father used to race cars, and I used to ride motorcycles), I thought about electric cars, and other sustainable car models. However, I didn't bother suggesting it. Instead I listened to her describe her ideal car before leaving to head home. Then, I remembered a draft I had on the Blog to write about Renault's Solar Panel Project. 
This solar initiative is meant to reduce the French auto-maker's carbon emissions by 200 metric tonnes annually--which would make this the Auto Industry's largest Solar Plant--and is also meant to protect the new vehicles before delivery to the sales network. Renault has already pressed the button on six giant solar photovoltaic* systems across France, as part of a global initiative that could see similar systems installed at the company's facilities in Slovenia, Morocco, South America and South Korea.
Renault, as a company, has already made their name in renewable energy and energy efficiency with their electric and hybrid cars. They have also ranked for many years amongst the most admirable companies amongst various sustainable ratings agencies such as Carbon Disclosure Project and Oekow Research.
Read more on Renault's Solar Photovoltaic Systems from Sustainable Brands' article on it. 

* Photovoltaics is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. (Wikipedia, Last Accessed 3/12/12)

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  1. Thanks Dawl-face. I like to read that companies are taking playing an active role in the issue of climate change.

  2. I drive Renault myself, a hybrid is a nice way to save the world and your money.