FASHION | A White House Affair with Africa


Taken from NYMAG

As Emma enjoys the cool tropics of Miami's South Beach, I am left to seek warmth in Washington DC, on one of my intermittent visits to see my migrated family. No, I am not here to vote, but if I could I most certainly would. So instead, I have been left to my own devices, left to find pleasure in understanding the politics, and the anticipation that suspends the nation as to who the next leader will be. In doing so, my attention turned, briefly, away from the candidates towards their wives; the strong women who are fighting for their own causes.
As I perused the internet and clips of the candidates, I came across a YouTube video of Michelle and Barack Obama, being interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where the first lady was dressed in a DURO OLOWU dress. I, then, Googled Michelle Obama and African Print and was surprised to see that she not only supports the London-based designer, but also the UK-based online Retailer, ASOS, in their ASOS Africa initiative, with clothing produced in collaboration with SOKO Kenya--a production workshop that empowers the vulnerable and marginalised by offering training and skills, and fair employment through the creation of sustainable clothing.  Better yet, through this collaboration SOKO Kenya continues to promote sustainable enterprises for these underprivileged communities vis-a-vis local craftsmanship.
What follows is the new ASOS Africa Collection, which will keep you warm, stylish and politically in-sync this Elections Day.

Shop Collection HERE.

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  1. Love ASOS, and am now inspired to look up ASOS Africa.