DEVELOPMENT | Yoox teams up with Fashion For Relief


Most of us are familiar with the opulence that comes in the form of Naomi Campbell. Never one to keep us bored, we've followed her highs and lows since being discovered and making her mark as one of the world's most famous supermodels. Yet, many of us may not be familiar with her philanthropic side, and the charity that has helped raise millions of dollars to help other international charities raise awareness and give back to society--from victims of Katrina, Haiti, to Women and Children in impoverished nations. 
This charity, FASHION FOR RELIEF, has teamed up with some of the world's greatest designers to send down clothes that are auctioned in aid of these causes. Now, the supermodel teams up with the YOOX.COM to celebrate Yoox's China Grand Opening. In a partnering effort, Fashion for Relief and the online retailer have teamed up with the likes of Philip Lim, Masha Ma, Qiu Hao, Dolce & Gabbana and Mochino (to name a few) to produce limited-edition T-shirts. 
All proceeds made on the t-shirts will go towards Fashion for Relief's work with international charities. To your hands on one of these t-shirts and to help a charity, go to And tell us which one of these is your favourite. Mine is Moschino's word-play/tongue-in-cheek MOSCHINA.

T-shirts are $35

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