Documentary journalist Leah Borromeo is making a film about the real victims of fashion through her documentary DIRTY WHITE GOLD. Here she follows the social, environmental, economic, and political entities and impacts that constitute the clothes we wear, and takes us through the journey of the clothing supply chain. In doing so she wants to expose us to the realities of the clothing/fashion industry, by engaging us in the lives of the farmers, the weavers, the bankers, the manufacturers, and the consumers (amongst many). 

How does the intense use of pesticides and genetically modified seens impact the lives of those living in the poorest areas of the world? How are small farmers acquiring so much debt that many resort to suicide? And why are sustainability and ethics not the norm within the fashion industry? These are just a few of the questions this film hopes to answer, whilst acting to make a difference and get communities (local & transnational; small & large; poor & rich) on target towards a sustainable market economy that supports the small business and the poorest of the poor.
However, in order for this project to get off the ground and to make a significant impact they are looking for backers (small and large). To do so they are offering incentives which we think have real value-- you can buy a T-shirt (in organic cotton) by Barnbrook, a limited edition print from photomontage artist Peter Kennard and, of course, the first DVDs or downloads of the film. And everyone who donates will get a free download of Dr D's exclusive artwork "Rotten Cotton". Find out where how you can view a screening and more about supporting this cause HERE.

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  1. Jezz... wats becoming of this world... soo sad. India, please value life more than money. find a solution, nothing is impossible.

  2. Thanks for your support. And for this post.
    The story hit me so hard when I went there on what was meant to be just another story. Then I realised that we're all responsible for these deaths...and that our buying power can influence governments and change lives.

  3. We are just pleased that we can engage in the discussion with people who are provoking our curiousity, emotions and drive to make a difference. The Conscience Collective is made up of women who are passionate about fashion and making sustainability and ethics a part of the everydayness of fashion. It would be a pleasure to interview the team closer to the premier date.