Needed a clear image so took this from Feeding Maybelle
When I first experimented with homemade pasta, I invited Emma H. over to test out my take on GREEN EGGS & HAM. Of course, her's was just Green Eggs (and hold the ham). The recipe turned out great (if I do say so myself), so I thought I would share it. Basically, the dish is a spinach ravioli with an egg yolk in the middle, so that once you cut into it you have a nice runny yolk. For those of you who wish to use this recipe for Meat Free Monday or in the form of my original concept I have put, in parentheses, the meat version in for you. However, I do suggest that you try it without the meat. Delish! The recipe requires that you have or borrow a pasta machine, so be prepared for that.


For Fresh Pasta
140g/5oz '00' Pasta Flour
2 medium eggs (1 whole, 1 yolk)
2 cups Fresh spinach
Water bowl with ice

For Filling
4 eggs
Fresh Ricotta
Mascapone [You can substitute with cream cheese. My fav is garlic or chive cream cheese
Salt &Pepper for seasoning
[Parma or any local ham you have]

For Garnish
You also need a good pasta machine.


1. Sautee Spinach until it has cooked down and water runs out
2. Blanch Spinach in cold water with ice
3. Drain Spinach and chop finely
4. In a bowl mix eggs and spinach, then lightly whisk
5. Take Flour and make a mound on your counter with a hole in the middle
6. Add Egg mixture to the centre
7. With a fork (I tend to use my fingers), slowly add flour from the inner rims of the mound into the middle whilst whisking flour into egg, making sure to add a little at a time
8. Continue until dough starts to come together, then start kneading for about 10 minutes (all the while, scraping dough off the counter top and sprinkling flour on the counter
9. Stop kneading when dough is a soft, smooth consistent mass (you may need to add a little more flour, or you may have some left over, which is also fine)
10. Set aside for 30mins at room temperature.
11. Mix Ricotta and Mascarpone together with black pepper and set aside
12. After 30 minutes, cut dough into four pieces.
13. Take the first piece and roll out using pasta machine, changing the width of the space from large to small every time the pasta goes through.
14. Continue until you have rolled out a the dough through the last setting of the machine.
15. Do the same for the rest.
16. On  one sheet, add the ricotta & marscapone mixture into small rings (depending on how long your sheet is you may only be able to do two-four) leaving enough space around to seal the ravioli's ends. 
17. In the middle of ring, carefully add an egg yolk. [For those who wish to add ham, you can put pieces around the egg yolk, making sure not to disturb it]
18. Using a second pasta sheet, carefully cover the first, then cut into squares or circles around the ricotta ring, leaving space between the edge of the pasta and the filling.
19. Seal the edges by wetting finger with water, then dragging along the edge between the first and second sheets. You can either push the edges down or use a fork, as I tend to do sometimes, and pushing down just on the edge.
20. Put aside on a plate with flour, and repeat with remaining sheets.
21. In a pot with boiling salt water, carefully drop pasta in for 5 mins (or until pasta has cooked)

Serve on bed of Arugula, and shaved parmigiano. with a drizzle of olive oil, a squirt of lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Alternatively, I served this one with a cream sauce made of single cream, onions and freshly grated parmigiana. Add chopped parsley over once you've finished.

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