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by Emma H.
Image by Bohman + Sjostrand

There has been much trial and error en route to cleansing my beauty regime of unnatural products and whilst I am not 100% there, facial moisturiser is the one product that I haven't had any trouble finding and sticking with. There are a few brands that I love, but Weleda is perhaps the most well known and widely available.
My Weleda in the blazing Trinidad sun.

THE PRODUCT My two favourites from Weleda are the Wild Rose Creams (both Day and Night) and weirdly their Moisture Cream for Men.

WHY I LOVE THEM With stubbornly combination skin - extremely dry in winter, super oily in summer (yey!) - I switch up my product depending on the weather. The Wild Rose Night cream is the heaviest of the three and perfect for protecting against the cold. I use it during the day in the winter to prevent dry patches and love the rose scent.

Since moving to Trinidad though icy winds are no longer an issue and I prefer the Moisture Cream for Men. Although I bought it for my boyfriend, it's taken over the Rose Day Cream as my absolute favourite moisturiser. It's light and smells divine and although experts would disagree I find that the small amount of alcohol and witch hazel help prevent break outs. 

MORE ON WELEDA Originally founded as a producer of natural medicines, Weleda has been around since 1921. With a firm belief in the interconectedness of humans and nature, sustainability is at the core of their brand ("if sustainability is in, then we've been in since 1921"). As such they are committed to transparency, protecting biodiversity, long-term partnerships with suppliers and, using organic ingredients. Most recently they have become a member of the Union for Ethical Bio Trade and introduced a sustainability strategy in 2011.

WHAT THE CRITICS SAY A critique I found particularly interesting noted that the foundation of Weleda's ingredient make up is "ancient and anecdotal information" without the backing of modern scientific research. I am however a firm believer in finding what works for you and if natural is what you are after, Weleda certainly ticks all the right boxes.

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  1. The critique that about weleda is interesting. It would make sense to me that it's ingredients are ancient and natural. The last 8 decades have been experimental products and probably had plenty of unhealthy agents for a persons skin.